"We keep our promise of maintaining an honest connection between our clients and their valued customers by interacting with them with the goal of leaving a strong, profound impression."

Our Values

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We must earn our respect which is why we ensure satisfaction by doing what is right, not necessarily what is easy.

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We ensure our work is original, out of the box, and we deliver solutions to our customers that separate them from their competitors.

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We know what it takes to get things done. We are realistic with our expectations and product quality work within our pre-structured plan.


Expansion Marketing was launched in 2018, and we've been on a mission since. Founded by Rowan University graduate Derek Morgen, Expansion Marketing has grown to become a full-service marketing agency, delivering custom solutions to drive leads for each client. This allows our everyday customers to review the ROI and effectiveness of each marketing campaign. Here at Expansion, we take brand marketing to the next level by offering modern experiences both online and offline. By understanding millennial behavior and up-to-date technology, we create emotion-provoking content, passionate engagement, and remarkable moments that leave a lasting brand impression each and every time.

Over the years, we've been fortunate to find success throughout New Jersey. True to the New Jersey standard, we’ve built this business by being tough, determined, and strong-willed. We work hard and are committed to maintaining our customer's satisfaction and trust as a young group of individuals. We’re appreciative of everyone that has helped us author this story thus far, and we look forward to everyone that will be a part of our journey for years to come.


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