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The Expansion Story

"Times are changing and small businesses MUST keep up to stay alive."

As a child, witnessing my father work 10-12 hour days to keep his moving and storage business growing, I was mesmerized. He was a businessman at heart and knew how to connect to all types of individuals. As I reached my final year at Rowan University, I finally decided that I had the skills and knowledge to add to his skill set and business.

With millenials and younger individuals entering the workforce, digital marketing has become the primary source of marketing and lead development. That is where Expansion Marketing was founded. Seeing my father's business, in an industry that lags in technology, I decided to create content for his website and social media profiles that generate a brand and connect to current and potential customers. 

Bringing further success to a small business was warming and from that point on Expansion Marketing was formed to generate digital marketing solutions for all forms of small to mid-size businesses.

Founder Derek Morgen With Father Steven Morgen