Your Location Determines Your Future

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Your Location Determines Your Future

When it comes to restaurants and in-store shopping locations, owners tend to focus on improving their product and attracting the appropriate audience. This is natural, as it takes significant time and money to build a brand and gain a loyal customer base, whatever your product or service may be. The less obvious but equally important factor in determining your success is location. Outside of your product or service, your real estate is the most accurate predictor of success or failure.

Given their prominent location in a rapidly growing college town, Ciconte's Italia Pizza of Glassboro understands the importance of location. Positioned on the main street of a state college campus that is growing in size and student population by 18-21% each year, there is a strong indicator of what is to come. Being planted on a college campus with 15,000+ hungry college students is an advantage over a regular pizzeria. For college students, convenience seems to be the deciding factor, especially when it comes to food. With the limited time, options and money of students, a close location brings in plenty of business that a poorly located competitor will not receive.

Ciconte’s on Mullica Hill Road in Glassboro, NJ provides students with quality food, great service, and perhaps most importantly an accessible and convenient location. Just minutes away from campus, the students of Rowan University are a captive audience looking for a quick, affordable, and nearby place to grab a quick bite, and Ciconte’s definitely fits the description. What it really comes down to is that despite there being plenty of options for food throughout the Glassboro area, the closer you are to the student body is generally a very good indicator of the amount of business you are likely to receive. As a campus expands the way Rowan is, more and more students join the pool of potential customers. In a closed environment like a college campus, more bodies equals more customers. It is important to take the future of your location into account. By purchasing a location on a well-established campus that has discussed its goals of future growth, Ciconte’s has stepped into a potential gold mine. Preparing your business’ product and strategy is very important, but a poor location is difficult to overcome. Having a visible store or building, being easily accessible, and being close to your target market are all drivers of increasing in-store customers. Long story short, before deciding on a location you must ensure that your customers can access it easily and purchase your products and services with as little friction as possible.

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