Marketing As A Number Game: The Need For Data Analytics

With constant advancement in technology, we are producing more data than ever before. Whether it's a phone call on an iPhone, a swipe of a credit card, or a click of a mouse, there is data being constructed and collected by each respective service provider.

For small businesses, actively using such data can give a business a great advantage against its competitors inc

luding location of the most effective and active marketing channels. According to the 2018 Google Economics Report, "small businesses that use advanced digital tools, such as online advertising and data analytics, experienced revenue growth in the previous year that was nearly 4X higher than less digitally advanced businesses". With the availability of surface-level data about consumer demographics such as gender, age, geographical location, and behavior, businesses can now generate highly critical insights for decision making.

Expansion Marketing Google Marketing Evaluation

The data analysis and strategic decision making creates a more personalized marketing system that allows increased interest by the targeted customers. Through a well versed

sales funnel filled with A/B testing and review, any business can find its customers preferences when being targeted in online marketing. Implementing a standardized process to generate media, test marketing channels, and analyze results is much easier than one would think.

That is what Expansion Marketing focuses on as a full-service marketing agency. With the proper guidance and strategic decision making through marketing data analytics, any business can quadruple its ROI in no time. There is infinite research that shows the true value of marketing online and its effects on brand awareness, conversions, and ultimately, revenue. Join the number movement. Join the Expansion!



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